5000 signatures - petition sent to The Walt Disney Company


The team behind the #SaveDisneylandParis project would like to give you, the supporters of the petition, a quick update on the situation.

First of all, we want to thank you all for the amazing response the petition got. Within just one month, more than 5000 of you signed our open letter to Bob Iger (CEO of The Walt Disney Company). More than 5000 of you expressed your concern and disappointment about the decreasing guest experience, which continues to sink below the “Disney standard” set by Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

An interesting statistic: the majority of the 5000 signatures came from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, the USA, Italy and Germany.

Notably in France, many newspapers and press organisations (e.g. Le Parisien, Le Figaro, France Inter, Le Point, La Marne, 20 Minutes, 24 Heures, Trip Advisor etc) supported and spread our message to #SaveDisneylandParis in their columns, forums and social networks. Here’s a small selection of what they wrote:












In addition, Disneyland Paris itself has publicly acknowledged and responded to the petition in the press, as well as in an internal memo (‘Vu dans les Médias’) in which Philippe Gas (President, Euro Disney S.A.S.) emphasises ongoing investments in maintenance and renovation:


While we appreciate Disneyland Paris’ official response, we mustn’t lose sight of the true purpose of the petition: to get a response from Bob Iger and ultimately a change in policy from The Walt Disney Company.

Speaking of which, we’re happy to announce that the open letter has now been posted and is on its way to Bob Iger at The Walt Disney Company in Burbank, California. We await his response with great interest. It will be an opportunity for Disney to show that they care, not only about their guests, but about their product and brand image in Europe.

Despite having reached our goal, we’ve decided to leave the petition open so that more people can sign it. So please, keep spreading the word as much as possible, and we’ll update you whenever there’s any news on the situation.

Kind Regards,


The #SaveDisneylandParis team



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